The Synthesis series Electric Bass strings are made of high quality selected nickel & steel wire wound on a hexagonal steel core producing a brilliant sound, extreme softness to the touch and a consistent sustain and a warm timbre. They are the best choice for demanding bass player! Protective packaging, anti-corrosion for always fresh strings….. nothing is impossible for Synthesis strings!


GalliStrings สายเบสไฟฟ้า SYNTHESIS NICKEL 5 สาย รุ่น BN45125

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฿1,800 ฿1,800
฿1,490 ฿1,490 -17%



GalliStrings สายเบสไฟฟ้า SYNTHESIS NICKEL 4 สาย รุ่น BN45105

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฿1,300 ฿1,300
฿1,190 ฿1,190 -8%


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