TangleWood Acoustic Guitar TW115ST


TangleWood Acoustic Guitar TW115ST

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The Tanglewood TW115 ST Premier Series Acoustic Guitar - Natural takes the dreadnaught acoustic guitar into the realms of higher quality and superior sounds whilst still bordering on the budget price tag. The intricate detail and flawless finish on the Premier Series TW115 create a striking first impression and this attention to quality is a good indication of how it sounds. For quality tone and resonance the solid-top version delivers a powerful and full-bodied tone that is full of harmonic interest. From singing high tones to deep bass and everywhere in between, the TW115ST is a really playable instrument that competes with guitars of a much higher price. At the head of the list of quality components are the chrome Kluson type tuners with small knobs. These sit spaciously in the headstock and respond to every adjustment with confident precision. The face of the headstock has a soft satin texture that seamlessly covers the Abalone inlaid Tanglewood logo, sparkling in green and purple. The rear of the headstock has the richly speckled texture of Mahogany and is crafted into a diamond shaped volute where it joins the neck. This structural reinforcement is only found on guitars of decent quality. Natural Maple binding that runs around the entire fingerboard complements the intricate Abalone snowflake inlays running down the rosewood fretboard. This binding is also found around the back and front of the guitar where it forms a multi layer trim. Black dots run down the side of the fretboard binding for easy reference of fret position. The bridge is also made of Rosewood and it tapers out either side of the saddle to display a matching pair of Abalone snowflake inlays. The creamy spruce face of the TW115ST is decorated with a multi ring soundhole rosette that matches the stripy layers of its outer Maple binding. Just below the soundhole sits a dark tortoiseshell scratchplate. The precision of the top nut and compensating saddle ensures that the strings remain at just the right height off the fretboard, allowing easy fingerwork whilst bursting with tone and sustain. This slender action continues up the neck where notes on the high frets ring out and respond effortlessly to the touch. On the lower frets and open strings there is powerful bass whilst still retaining a punchy treble attack. The solid Spruce soundboard responds to hard strumming without losing tone, while the Mahogany back and sides give the guitar its full-bodied tonescape, adding volume and interesting acoustics to the sound. The effortless playability and full-bodied sound of this dreadnaught make it an extremely versatile instrument, fit for an advanced player but affordable for the beginner!

The Tanglewood TW115 ST Premier Series Acoustic Guitar - Natural main features,

* SHAPE Dreadnought
* TOP Solid Spruce
* BACK Mahogany
* SIDES Mahogany
* NECK (MATERIAL) Mahogany
* NECK (BUILD) One Piece
* BRIDGE Rosewood
* BINDING Maple & Herringbone
* SADDLE PPS, Compensating
* NUT (WIDTH) PPS (43mm)
* MACHINE HEADS Chrome Kluson Style
* FINISH Natural Satin
* STRINGS D'Addario EXP 11